That ‘Crazy Ohio Weather’ oh, it’s real alright

The weather these last 7 days in Ohio has been ridiculous. Better yet, let’s make it the past 10 days. Even worse, it’s absurd! 

We went from 11F to 25F to 40F in under 36 hours. Then 2 whole days of stable high 50Fs smack-dab in the middle of the week. So fucking nice!! You start making plans for the weekend, and don’t even bother checking the weather app. It’s gonna be alright. Let’s have a BBQ, maybe go out for a nice hike.

You’d like that, right? Well… Suck it! It went down to the 20Fs for another 3 days. How about that? Fuck your weekend plans. Stay inside again. 

Oh, was the fluctuation too harsh?  Ok, how about another 3 days of high 50Fs? Better yet, let’s make it low 60Fs. Here’s the sun again. Get warm, wear some shorts, eat outside, HAVE A PICNIC!

Uh-oh! You had too much fun. Sorry, can’t have that in February. BOOM! Check your phone, you worthless mortal. You just received a notification:

“Winter Weather Advisory”

A mix of rain and freezing rain is expected. Brief change to snow is very possible. Icy roads may occur. Prepare, stay alert, and use caution while traveling.

Please, mercy. You win, Crazy Ohio Weather.
Make it stop. I just want to be happy again.


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