A perfect day of staying inside

Yes, still alive. Feeling on and off like shit, but nothing to be worried about.

Beating a cold in 3 days without showing major symptoms, nor stopping my work, that’s a win I’ll take every time.

Time flies when you’re resting and having fun in the comfort of your own home. I slept-in of course, woke up late, had a big breakfast, studied a little bit and then started to procrastinate. Suddenly, it’s 3pm, soup time! That’s what sick people eat. Very lucky to still have a big appetite. Let’s throw some extra potatoes and veggies on that canned chicken noodle soup. 

Right after the last sip or bite (whatever), nostrils cleared up, no runny nose, no congestion. Holy shit! Soup really works. Let’s take a nap to rest some more and guarantee this recuperation. 

An hour later, fully energized. Hey, it looks like I’m already on the other side. Wrong!

I begin to cough. Well, press the red button. Panic mode. This is it. I got it. I’m not even gonna say the letters. Is it the short one, the severe one, the long one, do I get a home test (which I have 3 in my bathroom cabinet)? 

Let’s take a breather, drink freshly squeezed OJ with some lemon. Lemme add an emergen-c pack for 5x the amount of Vitamin C. Guess what happened. Cough went away. Just a little bit of dry throat after napping for an hour with my mouth open (I figured).

Anyways, I started to feel better almost immediately. Celebrated with some popcorn, grapes and Millet & Flax chips (yea, no judging. It’s healthy. I can eat like 30 of them without any guilt).

The evening came with the mandatory routine of coffee, series, study, work, blog, procrastinate. No escape, it’s inevitable.

Wouldn’t you know? I spent a full 70F-degree day inside my apartment recuperating, and the world didn’t end. Basically the FIRST perfect weather day in months, and I couldn’t even enjoy it. Happens… Hopefully they’ll be more of them, and soon. At least I got the well-deserve rest I needed.

All gravy, baby.


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