Don’t worry, it’s not COVID, nor the flu

Another day, another post. Can’t stop, won’t stop.
Even when I don’t have anything to say, I have to say something.

This one is different because I’m writing with bath tissues up my nostrils. Where I came from, in the Caribbean, seasonal colds were a myth. Here in Ohio, apparently it is as real as the chances of snow in February.

Even though I take good care of my health and drink like 6-7 supplements a day, I still get sick 2-3 times a year with the common cold. No way around it. It’s like clockwork. Basically starts on a Thursday or Friday and then it leaves by Sunday. My body is so considerate it only gets sick during the weekends. Allowing me to rest, and then get ready for another work week on Monday.

Before, in the past, when I was a young fellow, getting sick was a cause of celebration. Can’t go to class, nor work. Stay inside, watch movies, drink some NyQuil, get some drugs into your system with the purpose of feeling better and more comfortable. If you had some sort of fun and entertainment during those moments, then it was a win-win scenario: Mandatory rest, altered state of mind, lots of procrastination and no responsibilities. Although, you still felt like shit most of the day. Glass half full then.

Nowadays getting sick is not a celebratory matter, it’s a whole fucking thing. You gotta keep working (yes, contracts and gigs don’t care about how you feel. It’s all about the deadlines.) If you add having to go outside to withstand cold weather and wind for work, an event, etc., your recovery will surely take more time (or even worse, you get sicker). Now add appointments you already had scheduled in advance: the mechanic, the cable guy, the curtain fitter, the landlord, etc. It’s never-ending!

I would love one of those jobs where you wake-up sick, and just notify you’re taking the day off. I mean, I had one of those years ago, but I chose another career path with more freedom and less business bullshit (e.g. punch clock, supervision, timed bathroom breaks, 1-hour lunches…) Nah, FUCK THAT. I’ll work sick even if I’m emptying my guts in the toilet just to avoid going back into that corporate hell.

In short…

If you get sick, try to have a good time while recuperating.

If you get sick, and still have to work, well… Try to maintain a low power mode throughout the day until you reach your bed. And get ready, when you wake up, you have to do it all over again. 


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