A realist’s daydream lasts about 2 seconds

Everyone is different, but they can ultimately fit inside certain similar groups. Not everyone is unique, but some people definitely are and cannot be lumped with others in the same group. Well, they can be put in the “unique” group together, if you wanna get technical about it.

Ever since I realized what exactly it meant to ‘have money’. Like REAL MONEY. You know, the type of things you see in movies. The one that lets you have an elevator in your 3-floor villa, a European sports car at 18, a full staff cleaning, cooking and doing house chores every day in your property, 1-month vacations in summer and winter retreats…

This happened when I was in college studying accounting (LMAO, and by the way, I graduated a semester early with minimum effort and good grades). I figured: “The world revolves around money. You need someone to document it and report it. I’m good with number, might as well make a career out of it, get paid well and have a stable job”.

Ok, getting to the point. Some of my classmates were loaded (elevator in the villa and sports car at 18 loaded). Side note, there’s also ‘obscene money.’ Those are some celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, CEOs, etc. I don’t know any people like that -for better or for worse-.

Anyways, I barely lived through the HUGE social media wave until my late college years. Facebook was barely starting, we all had Myspace and Twitter was supposedly going to fail in the future. Also, we didn’t have the phone technology we have right now. Meaning, the instant picture and video sharing that integrated a few years laters with the cloud and social media.

It wasn’t like the present-day where you’re constantly bombarded by what everything is doing and posting. You can practically see what a person is doing and piece together their full story just by “stalking” their profile going back a few years. My only connection to ‘real life’ was the people around me; coworkers, family, classmates, etc. Going to their houses, parties, events. Real life.

So, I wasn’t really day-dreaming of money or lavish lifestyle. Because I just didn’t know it existed and was that common. My reality was what I could reach (and it was a pretty short distance, to be honest).

Hey, absolutely no regrets on my behalf. Some people see that life, and something inside of them awakens. They get the drive to work until they get there, or burn out trying. I don’t judge them. I guess it’s how their brain works.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I don’t waste almost ANY time fantasizing about these things, I admit, that every once in a while I think: “What must it be like? Driving a Ferrari, watching the Monaco GP from your yacht, traveling by private charter all the time, eating at Michelin rated restaurants”

It takes me less than 2 second to snap out of it. I’m a realist. I know that you’re either born into that world or you have the motivation to work until you get there. Me? Neither!

I have rented apartment in Ohio, credit cards, some freedom and of course, huge amounts of unrealized potential that’s probably gonna go to waste.

And you know what? It’s ok. Because everyone is different, and some people are unique.


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