You have 3 wishes; what do you want?

So, you stumbled upon a genie’s lamp, dragon’s lair, magic totem, ancient goldfish, benevolent demigod, whatever wish granter creature in you head, and now you get 3 wishes —tale as old as time (or at least middle eastern folklore)—. What are you getting besides the obvious?

– World Peace
– End World Hunger
– No more life threatening ailments, like cancer, heart disease, respiratory failures, etc.

I think any decent and noble-hearted person would pick at least one of them, maybe even all options. So, those are out. They’re a given.

Let’s make this a creative and entertaining thought experiment. No, you cannot wish for more wishes. Don’t be that person. Be better.

These are mine:

1) Being able to drink enough liquids to be fully hydrated, BUT I don’t have to get up and pee 20 times a day. This is a personal one because everybody tells you about the 8oz glasses of water 8 times per day, but nobody tells you you’re gonna be peeing like an idiot every couple of minutes. None of that noise. Genie, give me a better hydration system. I’ll settle for having a big enough bladder that can carry 64oz of liquids, and I’ll just pee at will whenever I want.

2) I try to avoid anything related to superpowers, just to not fall under the superhero cliche. Although I would like the ability to manipulate time to some extent. Let’s make it fair. Maybe not ‘travel back in time to kill Hitler or meet Siddhartha Gautama”, but certainly “fast forward or go back in time within 12 hours. Yes, I will self-serve myself each and every time. As well as assisting others in need, like avoiding a fatal accident nearby, stopping a crime, etc.”

3) Unlimited or an excessive amount of money, duhhh. Money can’t buy happiness, but it will buy 99% of everything else. Don’t feed me that bs of wishing for money makes me a selfish person. A) Not having to work to survive is one of the biggest rewards in life. B) Any amount of money that can help more people and change their lives for the better is enough. C) Fuck you. I’ll invest, put my money to work for me, and set up food banks/pantries/kitchens everywhere I can. Maybe you’ll sleep outside or in your car, but no one will go hungry while I have money. 

I think I’ll do a part 2 of this post eventually. Just had another great idea for a wish.

Damn, all this imagining and fantasizing really produce healthy amounts of dopamine and oxytocin. I actually felt happy writing this post. But then it all went away because I remembered this is real life, booo.


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