Complaining about the weather, again.

How come we were getting upper 50F and 60F degree weather for a couple of days, then it drops to 20F, rains and snows intensely for like 2 hours, ruining the whole fucking weekend (yet again).

While living in the Caribbean, I would see US tv shows with characters constantly talking about the weather, saying what a beautiful day it is, going outside to enjoy the sunshine, staying inside during the winter.

NOW I get it. All my life was day after day of temperatures from 80F to 100F NO MATTER WHAT SEASON. It was year-round beach weather (lots of rain though, but only lasted for a couple of hours. Not like here that It could literally rain for 1-3 days nonstop).

Gotta say, the problem is not much the cold as it’s the goddamn wind. It’s 20F again? Well, let me get out my heavy jacket and insulated pants. Add +10mph winds, and it becomes a whole fucking thing with gloves, face covers, hoodie… Can’t even walk from the parking to your apartment without getting a gust of wind breaking down your spirit if not properly covered.

Oh well, looks like ANOTHER Saturday of staying inside is imminent. Being comfortable in my apartment, ordering take-out, not having to waste gas driving around to places, wearing my jammies for most of the day, watching my favorite series and movies, long hot showers… Woe is me.

Don’t worry, I’ll endure it and survive.


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