New sleeping schedule just dropped with rave reviews

Tonight is the first night of what I hope will be my new schedule for a whole year till March 1, 2023 (only 9 days late, don’t judge. A lot has been happening recently).

My goal for quite some time has been to wake up early, meaning, be up and running before 8am every weekday. Now, with my new side gig, I’ve achieved that.

But that created another problem: My sleeping hours have to change also, or else I won’t get enough sleep and be in a bad mood all day. Yea, I can push through it a day or two without getting that much sleep, but let’s be real, your body eventually starts underperforming, your mind gets tired, and then you make mistakes, bad ones, like the ones where you hurt yourself or others, or fuck up something at your job, or leave the main apartment door open when leaving to work and the dog gets lost forever.

Get some sleep. 7 hours a day. Rest during the weekends (or on your day off). Don’t take drugs, energy drinks or excessive amounts of caffeine just to get through your day. Don’t be an asshole. Just get some sleep.

So, I’m in bed by 12am. Easier said than fucking done. In all fairness, I’ve been going to bed and even sleeping before 1am  about 90% of my working nights.  I’m doing it. From going to sleep at 2am-3am every day, to being in bed at midnight. Believe me, that’s a huge fucking win. Takes a lot of discipline to just say no, and stop procrastinating late at night.

I have to exercise, dinner, coffee, down time, SOME tv watching (video games are nonexistent at this moment. Hurts, but that’s life), blog post, answering texts/emails and then, last check before publishing deadlines for work. If I start at 7pm-8pm, I finish sharp at 12am. Basically no wiggle room.

Shit. I started talking about myself again, and forgot the BIG CHANGE to my new recent schedule. You needed context anyway, so it’s all good.

Let’s call it:
“Working man™ hours”

I’m gonna try to go to sleep ONE HOUR EARLIER.
And sleep AN HOUR MORE or wake up and procrastinate during that hour I just gained.

You wake up feeling totally rested,
There’s a full breakfast plate in front of you,
Hot coffee mug in your left hand,
Cell Phone on your right hand,
TV is on (maybe you’re watching it, maybe you are not. Doesn’t matter),
And you start your workday, mind you, with one full hour of not doing absolutely anything before getting down to business.

This is the closest thing to a DREAM SCENARIO.

Actual dream scenario being not having to work at all, or maybe not even having to wake-up at all. Ah, eternal rest. One can only dream.


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