One step away from codependency

Have you ever met one of those couples that tell their partners ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING? They’re fucking insufferable.

I get the whole being honest, communicating throughout the day, checking up on each other when they’re not together, etc. That’s normal. But come on, set some boundaries.

“I’m at the office., working” (You know, like I am for 45 hours a week with the same schedule”)
“I was thinking of changing my alarm ringtone in my cellphone”.
“Did you know this person ordered the pork dish at the Latin place?”
“Just farted twice”.

Texting EVERY SINGLE LITTLE that happens in their lives. The need to ALWAYS have their phone close to get them in case they receive a text. Having to reply it close to instantly to “not make them wait” God! How dreadful!

No, the worst of the worst is when one of them is with another person, and THEY’RE TEXTING THE WHOLE conversation to keep them in the loop, even though they’re not together at the moment.

“Yea, we’re talking about getting some taco bell”
“He’s driving his Honda Civic 2017 with 104,534 miles in the odometer”
“Definitely drive-thru. I’m getting the chalupas box, he’s getting a crunchwrap supreme with extra diablo sauce and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast Zero Sugar half ice”.

Fuck me. Hate that kind of people, and don’t you dare say anything about it, even with the best of intentions. Then you’ll be deemed an enemy of the relationship, a bitter person, someone who doesn’t understand what they have going on.

Believe me, I know:

Google: Codependency
Google: Toxic behaviors
Google: Setting some boundaries as a couple
Google: Having an adult relationship without deleting your own person.

If you NEED or HAVE TO communicate every single detail to your partner, and/or you NEED or HAVE TO ask to your partner about every single decision you’re making, and/or you NEED or HAVE TO always be aware of your partner’s needs instead of your own, then I regret to inform you that you’re heading towards a road that only leads to more problems in your future, and you should definitely seek help.


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