Finally! Sunlight and nice weather

It’s the middle of March, and you know what that means. Spring is just around the corner, literally a few days away.

We’re already getting temperatures of high 50’s and low 60’s. Just today, I went for a run by the river route at noon, wearing just a dry-fit shirt and nylon running pants.

It was 59F, super sunny, but mega windy, like ridiculously windy. My torso and legs were sweating, but my arms and face were cold. Haven’t had a similar feeling in quite a while.

And the best part is, it’s gonna stay like that for 10 days (I think it will rain again on Friday or some bs) but fuck it! I’ll take it.

Winter weather was draining my positive energies. It’s just too much work during three to four months. I’m outside two to three times every single weekday. Believe me, it gets fucking old, and fast.

I can deal with the snow. Hate it, but very manageable.
I can deal with the ice. Detest it, especially how dangerous it is, but in the end, drive slow and walk carefully.
I can deal with the rain. Abhor it, no, really. It’s the worst of all weather elements. Everything gets wet and muddy, but with the right rain gear you can tough it out.

In short, I now totally understand why so many people get seasonal depression during winter, and then start feeling better come spring and summer.

Sun, flowers blooming, light jackets, and no more fucking heavy coats!


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