For the love of (insert your favorite writer), ALWAYS WRITE DOWN YOUR IDEAS!

Today I was trying to nap (around 9am) at least 20-40 minutes, recharge my batteries before going about the rest of my work-filled day. So, I was in this space between falling asleep and being awake, that you’re kinda sleeping but at the same time have full awareness you’re not fully sleeping. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself correctly. Fuck it.

Anyways, tossing and turning in bed, in and out of dreams, I actually had like three great fucking ideas for the blog. I was amazed at my capacity to basically write the whole post in my head. It was impressive!

No joke. I produced three separate pieces while trying to go to sleep.

“I’m gonna forget them. I just know it. Let me write them down.”
“Just open your eyes, extend your arms to reach the phone and open the notes app”.
“Meh, I’ll probably forget one of them. Maybe remember one or two. That’ll be enough. All great ideas come back.”
“Let’s go back to sleep”.

I stand here, over half a day later, like a total idiot without any fucking recollection of any of them. I have the slightest idea what was I thinking. Nothing. Not even a fine thread to pull. Zilch! Completely blank and forgotten. My mind emptied out everything remotely related to what I was thinking during that nap.

I’m even beginning to think that I was sleeping all the time, and I dreamt it. I didn’t have no fucking writing ideas. Just dreamt I was having them, and it all got blended in between the dreamworld and reality.

What a ride!

Today I declare myself the king of dunces.


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