The delight of living in another place (for a couple of days)

Staying at another person’s house, laying on their couch and sleeping in their bed feels like a mini vacation even though you’re still working your regular schedule.

It’s a direct change in your daily routine (usually for the better). A new route to work and back to the house means that you have to leave earlier or later, which in turn translates to modifying your sleeping schedule, like waking up before or after your usual time, resulting in shortening or extending your night activities to fit this new lifestyle.

If you’re lucky, the place you’re staying has unique privileges and amenities. In my case, it has an all new totally equipped kitchen, Starbucks coffee machine served every day at the lounge, a very decent gym, and rain shower. Yeap, this is basically a modest resort.

Hell, I’ve stayed in worst places paying up to $175 the night. 7 nights here will be a breeze!

Although, I do miss my bed, my work desk and my fully stocked fridge. Can’t have it all, I guess. For the moment, I’m enjoying every minute of it


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