Sunday – funday -sportsday

You work all week, every week, to have enough money to pay your rent, a big tv, comfortable couch, and the monthly streaming subscriptions.

The weekend is finally here! It’s the only 2 days where you can actually enjoy the things you pay for with all your hard work.

Let’s wake up early to have most of the day available and don’t waste any free hours. Cooking, so then you have to clean and work even more? Nah, order some take-out, lots of take-out, enough for a big meal today and some leftovers tomorrow. Treat yourself! You deserve it.

So, everything is set. You have your comfortable clothes on, food on the table, weather is perfect for staying inside, tv is on and the live stream is playing. Time to watch the fucking game!

[2 events = about 5 hours later]

You see? This is why I never watch fucking live games on my days off. I always end up pissed because my guys lose. Every single time I go through all the effort of having a perfect, work-free and distraction-free sports day, my teams lose. 100% guaranteed.,5 hours of my time gone to waste. Now I’m in a mood. Can’t shake it.

“You’re suppose to bring me joy! It’s my weekend! I am your fan. I give you my time to watch you play, my money for merchandise and streaming access, my digital engagement on social media… You play your heart out, win and give me happiness. That’s the arrangement!”

Whatever… Next week will be the same, again.

I’ll work five days,
hype myself for the weekend games,
plan a whole day of just chilling inside,
order take out, wear my pjs, sit on the couch,
[a couple of hours later,]
get enraged, rant, say I’ll never do this again,
start a new week.

Being a sports fan is completely ridiculous.


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