In desperate need of more days, or more hours, or less work

It’s getting to the point where 24 hours a day is simply not enough for everything I have, want and need to do. Adding rest, exercise and some procrastination (of course).

I will not lose sleep in my day to day just to be able to keep up. Then I’ll feel tired and like shit most of the week. Exhaustion rolls over and fucks my mood, resulting in not being able to enjoy the things that I initially reserved time to do. Ironic, no?

At least weekdays are FLYING BY with all the things on my schedule. That’s always good news. But at the same time, weekends that are for resting and lounging, end up becoming two more days ‘to do stuff I can’t get done the rest of the week’.

There’s no definitive win here.

There is a key to this marathon we call life. I call it the PPP:

Move slow and steady. Get things done, one day at a time. There will always be more days ahead, hopefully. They just keep coming until they don’t.


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