A covert truth (pt. 4)

**To read part three of this story, click here**


You could see the soldier rushing through the base door on his way to get more cigars.

“It’s a little bit over two miles from here to the Oval Office and back. Let’s see how fast our boys really are”, said the President.

Delaney and Jackson stood a few feet away from them, overlooking the rest of the area.

“Seriously man, what’s inside that head of yours most of the time. “

— Hey, Del. You think we can—

“No, man. Don’t want to hear it. This place is creeping me out. How do you suppose we get back or when for that matter? Fuck it. I’m going to ask him.”

The President walked next to them and announced:

— Gentlemen, get some refreshments or anything you want from the kitchen. We’ll meet in 10 minutes inside the command center.”

Jackson put his hands on top of Delaney’s shoulders:

—That was exactly what I was thinking. I take it back, this guy is not a moron.

“You already said that”.

—Let’s go, Del. They probably have one of those magic ovens that you press a button and it cooks any food you want.

“First a mermaid, then a dinosaur. Now a magic oven.”

— Actually, we do have one of those.

Interrupted the President.

— It’s not magic, obviously. Basically a freezer with an oven and a computer.

Jackson opened his mouth but words didn’t come out. He was completely in awe. Couldn’t even mutter a response.

“What? You mean to tell me that we actually have that technology? Like the Jetsons?” Delaney asked.

— Enjoy the food. By the way, 9 minutes. And cooking takes about two per meal. We also have a universal fountain. Get to it.

Jackson grabbed Delaney by the arm.

— Ahhh! Come on, man. Fast! I wanna get pizza, an empanada, broiled pork. Let’s go!

They both rush through the people working on their computers and studying what was on the screens. The President stayed behind with Dr. Bair, chatting and waiting for his cigar.

“How do you even make this work?”

— It’s easy, you just have to press these two buttons at the same time. Then the screen lights up. Type in what you want. Press OK. And wait a minute or two. I ordered like four things, it will take longer.

“How do you know all this?” asked Delaney, perplexed.

— Hmmm, I just did. Seemed so familiar to me.

“I couldn’t even get it to turn on.”

—Probably saw it in a movie or something. Hahahaha. Hey! Check this out! Holy shit! The machine even has Royal Crown Ginger Ale. That wasn’t even release! Wow! I can’t believe this. Delaney, look. They have the WHOLE ROYAL CROWN SODA CATALOGUE!

The food machine beeps and hisses. A slot opens and a little bit of smoke comes, inside of it was the food. A single platter with a pizza, half a french toast, two empanadas, kielbasa and a doner kebab.

“It really fucking works. Shiiit”.

Jackson started taking a bite of everything.

— (With his mouth full). Del, you gotta try these, I’ll give you half. Come one.

“Damn, man. You’re a fucking animal. Calm yourself. And give me that”.

He took a Kebab out of the plate before Jackson could get to it. With his other hand he grabbed one of the untouched empanadas and half the kielbasa.

“It actually tastes great, how does this even work?”

— That’s classified. Gentlemen, we’re just about ready to start. Wrap it up, and start moving. See you at the control room.

The president appeared out of nowhere. None of them noticed because they were fully focused on the food. Jackson talked with his mouth full, again. His plate was about 3/4 done.

— I’m just about finished, sir. See you there.

“What! How is this even possible? Do you even chew!? That is not healthy at all, man.”


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