Today was a good day

As a general rule, I sleep better on days that I was EXTRA productive and got tons of shit done. Today was one of those days.

Everything from my day-to-day got realized, like work, exercise and groceries. Now add filing my taxes, updating my financials, study time and even a good chunk of time to procrastinate.

Young me would’ve celebrated with a couple of drinks (that would’ve turned into an imminent hangover the next day)
Young adult me would’ve served some single malt, and lighted a cigar (that could’ve possible turned into an imminent hangover the next day)
Present me is literally getting ready to go to bed as soon as I click ‘publish’ (no more danger; this is called maturing).

The moral of this post is: If you keep postponing everything you have to do, eventually there will come a day where you just have to get serious and get it done.

If it only depends on you, then you should have no reason to fail. Handle the pressure, organize yourself and execute.

The result is a rare event where past, present and future you, all reap the rewards of the day’s accomplishments.

I mean, there are still things that can go wrong. I could slip and fall in the shower, receive a text with bad news, or one of my neighbors could decide to be an obnoxious person and turn a really good day into a god awful long-ass night, fucking up my Friday morning, which in turn, would start my weekend off with the wrong foot.

Well… Place your bets, and let’s roll the dice!


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