Website officially launched! is LIVE

Incredibly enough, after all the moaning and whining about, it’s finished. I got it done in a single day ahead of schedule!

Have to admit that it took a couple of hours on and off throughout the whole day between the content migration and the bothersome trial and error of adapting old things into the new site. In the end, I scrubbed like 60% of it, and decided on rebuilding a simpler and easier to navigate online site.

The most important issue was resolved: All my old posts migrated ok. I didn’t have to copy/paste and publish every single one manually.

Of course I used a template, and only modified the big things to have it live ASAP. Now comes the fun part, the TLC and little details. There’s only so much you can actually do when using a website template. Especially a basic blog-type one.

With any luck, I’ll tweak it during this coming week till I get what I want (or as close as possible).

Without further ado, here you go:

Feel free to click on the link, explore around, and read some posts in my native language (Spanish).

And if you have any criticism or comments, please don’t hesitate in in contacting me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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