No more postponing, time to get it done

I received two very important emails this week.

One was a follow-up from the Editorial, in regards to my second novel’s marketing campaign. I’ve been postponing this for months. With the winter at full force, moving and furnishing a new apartment, getting new side gigs, dealing with trips and personal shit, I had to put book errands on the back burner.

The other one was my GoDaddy domain subscriptions and website plans expiring. All three of them between March and April. That’s a totally unexpected expense that caught me off-guard, celebrating life. All of them are mentioned in my author bio and Facebook pages as part of my ‘Professional writing career’. Meaning that I cannot afford to NOT have them online, seeing as people might want to look me up or even buy my novels.

The main Spanish site needs a complete redesign after importing the rss feed from the other servers. Complete fucking mess. I actually had to read and watch online tutorials to figure it out.

At least it’s only like 30 posts, and 5 pages that need manual adjustments. I’m estimating it takes me about 2-3 hours doing it without any breaks or screwups. Adding breaks, screwups and unexpected problems, this will turn into a 4-5 hour deal, easily. The plan is 1-2 hours every day starting tomorrow (of course). Page will be live and decent by Monday morning.

Time’s up! Gotta get serious if I want to be productive and maintain some procrastinating on side.


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