Reaching out to the humans in the blogosphere

It’s been a while since I’ve had a conversation with one of the readers and/or commenters of this blog. I keep getting likes, views, even shares and subscriptions, but the minimum amount of commenting; something I find very peculiar.

Maybe it’s a personal thing and I’m biased because one of my favorite things to do is give my two cents in the comment section every time I can. 95% of the times it’s a positive remark where I add my opinion to the original post or another reason why I agree. Maybe even disagree, and I explain my point.

Turning the online world into a more human experience with honest interactions between real people. Added ‘real’ because the amount of bots and fake accounts is absurd. You can easily set them apart from the real users engaging with your content.

As friendly reminder, this is an open space for discussion and commenting. I’ve said it before, comments are always welcomed. Even if this is a personal-diary type blog; feel free to write here if you want to share your thoughts.


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