It’s that time of the year again, just give in

I hold a special place in my life for my all time favorite artists. There’s only a handful of them. People that I admire almost everything they have done in their music career. Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Brian Evans, Led Zeppelin…

A select few have been in my life ever since I discovered them. Then I listened to their ‘best albums,’ and completely fell in love with them. Call it respect, admiration, enjoyment… I carry them inside my mind wherever I go, and they’re always present.

Now here’s the thing.

Wandering through life, growing older, I keep revisiting them every certain amount of time. Something reminds me of any of them. Then I say to myself: “Is it that time again? It’s been X amount of time since I actually listened to them.” Something wakes up inside of me. A hunger that can only be satisfied by a specific musical craving.

Maybe I’ll listen their most obscure album,
Maybe I’ll give another try to the one I don’t like that much,
Maybe I’ll look for a specific concert where they were evolving their sound or trying a phase that didn’t last long.

When the moment comes, I just know what to look for, and because they’re my favorite artists (and may I say, musical geniuses) there are NO disappointments. As the years pass by, I keep discovering new ways to enjoy, study and admire their art.

What these guys created endures even after death. Dozens of years after, the recognition is there; most of them marked an unobtainable standard of peak artistry throughout various generations.

The trick is to dive down fast and deep into the rabbit hole. Give in completely. You’ll never get hurt, nor disappointed. When you finally got what you wanted, days have passed, maybe even weeks, and life suddenly seems different. A new perspective was acquired, a new way of thinking was unlocked, something made ‘more sense’.

You were transformed. There was a before version of you, and now there’s an after version.

What comes next? Inspiration! Creation! What comes later? An interruption, nothingness… Time passes by and suddenly it hits you again. The yearning, a hunger… It’s not the first time you felt this, Then you realize: It’s that time of the year again.

“Art is something that lasts for all posterity. Art is eternal.”
– Sasori of the Red Sand


4 responses to “It’s that time of the year again, just give in”

    • Last night, I got into Bowie. Starting from “Blackstar” and working my way back; something I rarely do. Usually, I start from the oldest to the most recent. What a difference!


      • The beautiful thing about “Blackstar” is that it’s about Bowie facing his own’s just haunting considering his colorful flamboyant presence


      • 100% in agreement with you. “Haunting” is the perfect way to describe the contrast in the way he presented himself. Truly a masterpiece that keeps revealing more details about Bowie as time passes.


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