I just can’t help myself, I’m actin’ like an animal, Now here’s my cravings list

Have you ever had one of those food phases? One where you can eat the same thing (s) for weeks or even months without batting an eye. I’ve have TONS of them, going hard in each and every one of them.

I usually try to pick something healthy that I can pig out with no remorse. Get nutrition, eat something that my body appreciates, full stomach–> everybody wins. My last one like that was spinach. I would pound those Costco 2.5lb bags every weeks or so. Do the math, that’s like a third of a pound in every serving. Add some fresh peppers, onions, vinaigrette of your choosing, and of course, the protein. I would range from fried tofu to full size double chicken breaths in a daily bowl.

This lasted about 3-4 years with monthly cooling periods in between (one can only eat so much spinach before ending up hating it, which was exactly what happened.) But man, what a drive. The same dish with some variation 3-5 five times a week. It was incredible. Now I can’t even look at them. LMAO.

Then came a very intense period of making homemade fries in the air-fryer. This one lasted about 2 years and a half. I would take 2 potatoes, cut them in the shape I wanted that day, and serve them with 2-4 dipping sauces. Of course, again, some protein on the side, ranging from vegan protein patties to panko breaded chicken. It was incredible. Basically chicken tenders and fries (homemade and healthy) every day. I achieve any kid’s dream in my young adult life (this one ended a couple of months ago, mind you).

So, I kept buying potatoes but shifted to hash-browns for lunch. I must have eaten that for about 2 months straight. Peel, cut, dry, season, and cook in butter and oil. I would make like a hash-brown crepe (or omelette) and fill it with the protein of my choice, again, ranging from chicken patties to Beyond meat steaks. Then topped with some kind of dressing and sauerkraut. But, had to stop… Took like 25 minutes of solid no-mistake cooking, just to gobble it in 2 minutes.

We have reached the present, these past weeks, today. I’ve been abusing of three specific things. 1) Cereal, I’m talking about with 3-4 bowls with milk, or accapella directly from the container, half a bag per serving, like an animal. It’s embarrassing how a grown ass man loves his Cocoa Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch so much. 2) Kettle Corn. That giant lavender color bag is heaven. I don’t even bother in measuring my servings, or even pouring it in a cup or dish. It goes from the bag to my mouth, devouring cups of pop corn in a minute. I need help, the best in me can’t stop once it starts. 3) Apples and peanut butter. Late night snack excellence. Slice and apple, third of a cup of peanut butter—> Boom. Ya’ done.

What can I say, I love eating like a beast then feeling guilty and exercising just enough to stay fit and TRY to look somewhat attractive to the fairer sex.

Cycle after cycle, keep pushing the rock up hill, waking up again everyday…. I’m just making sense of it all, taking advantage of our evolutionary taste buds and enjoying myself while doing it.


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