OPINION: “Everything Everywhere All At Once” by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert

Wubba lubba dub dub! We did it, Morty. Our sci-fi drama and comedy take about multiverses finally reached Hollywood.

Let’s dive in, hard and fast. There will be spoilers and it may look like I hated it, but it’s a beautiful movie that you should definitely go see. Everything from the script, to the direction and acting is masterful.

Movie opens with a very stressful and anxiety inducing 30 minutes, perfectly executed to make you overwhelmed (just like the main characters).

Then it gets all Matrix, with the operators and the hacking, and the interface graphics to load into different universes. Oh, also “The One” is introduced to “save the universe”. We all know how that goes. Honorary mention to the slow-mo fight scenes and office persecution scenes, undeniable references to Neo vs the agents. Doesn’t matter. “Nothing matters”. Hey, that’s a central line in the movie.

The movie keeps borrowing scenes and concepts from various other movies and series. Guessing it’s to keep us entertained or satire? Whatever, point gets through and they make it “fun”.

Setup and confrontation is basically 10 episodes of rick and morty + kung fu hustle + the matrix. There, now you’re not surprised when you see it. (Which you should). Oh, almost forgot the “everything on a bagel” (joke?) and double entendre about plugs, dildos, vaginal gaping, etc.

Sometimes it’s easier to make a sci-fi comedy adventure filled with tropes and cliches, instead of a drama about resolving generational trauma in the present day, like facing divorce as a middle aged woman, or not being able to accept your daughter’s sexual orientation. Wait, I take it back, they did all that with near perfect execution.

MY most memorable scene in the whole movie: “the being a rock scene” which was basically existentialism for dummies, but the timing was so precise in the 2:20 long film.

MY most favorite line in the movie:

“The only thing I do know is that we have to be kind.” Yea, cliched. Sue me. Again, right at the climax to make you feel 100 emotions at the same time. You’ll tear up, GUARANTEED.

Let’s summarize:

-Middle Aged woman healing and accepting the decisions she has made in her life. Marriage; lesbian daughter; father’s relationship, what could have been…

-Love is the ultimate power that transcends to right all wrongs (yea, this again, well… what can you do? Apparently it’s true)

-Gets into sci-fi, and when you start to like it and want more, goes to drama. Then you love it.

-Did I mention they were all Chinese?

Final thoughts:

Everything was great, but the acting was top notch. Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis delivered almost perfect performances. It was the best thing of the movie.

IMO, 15-20 minutes shorter would’ve been perfect. The resolution was spectacular. But it felt like they took too long to get there. I definitely see most people skipping this movie just because they were not willing to commit till the end for the HUGE pay-off. Which was unquestionably and totally worth it.


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