Post #135: Update

Yea! New followers, more likes, more comments! It’s a cause for celebration.

Feels good to know that people are actually here reading and interacting, it’s not just the echo chamber of a guy ranting and rambling according to his moods and impulses. The message is getting across, and I’m grateful.

It’s been almost 5 months of this, and counting. Absolutely don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. In any case, I’m gonna try to be more specific with the ideas exposed here (or simply put, become a better writer of the English language).

Been thinking about changing the website layout. Right now it’s too simple (to avoid saying ‘lazy’ or ‘basic’). Definitely need to update a couple of things and, not only make it more easier to search and navigate, but also prettier to look at. But… That will take a couple of hours of trial and error, most likely during the weekends: my only rest days (supposedly). Priorities and schedules must be set in order to get this done correctly, and not just cheese it (again).

I would like it to be as effortless as possible. People come in, click, read a couple of entry posts, and then leave. Maybe they’ll come back the next day, maybe the next week… The blog will keep adding one entry a day, every day, til a whole year passes. That’s the promise.

Any suggestions and/or constructive criticism? I’m all ears (or eyes for that matter), and will appreciate anything to make this reading experience better for daily users.


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