Captivated, once again; a human law of attraction

Do you believe in first sight attraction? No, not ‘love at first sight’. That’s too broad and cliche’d. Then we fall into different definitions of love, the power of love… Nah, not this time. This is very specific.

I’m gonna try to be as generic and inclusive as possible (’cause you know, I’m a guy.), when giving you some examples.

This is purely abstract. It’s happening inside of you. And it’s about 95% visual. You can’t hear a picture, smell a video, touch post, etc.

Something that you see, and makes you fall for that person. It distracts you. You can’t go back to what you were doing. You’re tantalized by it. You have to observe and study, figure out exactly what it is.

I’m a sucker for aesthetics. Perceiving an object (in this example, a person) as beautiful according to the visual pleasure I receive from it, completely subjective. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

For me, it can be something as simple as watching a music video on an artist, and the lead singer looks at the camera for an instant, smiles and looks away, or a 1-2 step move in the precise moment of a melodic chord. Could be someone that you saw for one second in the supermarket, and you only remember how their eyes looked when choosing oranges. The rest, not important. The eyes got to you, and you deleted the rest. Could even be the way a person has messy hair that day, or the classic combo of eye-liner, mascara and red-lipstick (Hey, it’s like that sometimes. Please insert ‘not all men’ quote here, but many still fall for the classic. Blame the media and advertising industry.)

Going back to the initial point, I strayed away thinking of a person when it could very be a piece of art that you find beautiful and captivates you. Not with feelings like sadness, happiness, nostalgia… It gives you pleasure to look at it. Dare I say, let’s call it sensual.

I’ll give you a very specific example (mind you, this is all subjective): Brancusi “Bird in Space”. Saw it ONCE in person about 8 years ago, and to this day, it still gets me excited to even remember it. On a very personal note, I think it also has to do with not being able to touch how smooth the marble is with your own finger. “There’s pleasure in the prohibited.”

Oh, and one last thing must be required in order to qualify under this concept (which I haven’t even given a name to it.) Hummm… Let’s call it One-sight Attraction™.

Ok, that’s done. Back to it again.

In order to qualify as One-sight Attraction™ it must be out of your reach, unobtainable, basically impossible to achieve and face your pleasure directly. E.G. “Touching Brancusi’s marble statue” or “Dating the girl with the alluring stare at fruit stand.”


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