The impromptu cook strikes again

Hell of a day today! What I expected to be a small family gathering of 8-12 people lasting 2-3 hours, turned into a half a day 20+ people event at a friend’s house.

I brought my classic fresh garden salad with homemade garlic croutons, and this time, prepared a mango avocado salad on the side. Total hit. Kudos to me.

Then they brought out a big salmon side, and peer pressured me into cooking it. I was out of my comfort zone, didn’t have my knives, my spices, cutting board, and wasn’t even told the heating method until I’ve seasoned them. The whole side was cut into 8 decent salmon fillets.

The house had no butter, just margarine. No peppercorn, just grounded. No lemons, just limes. Had to improvise, and apologize for the impromptu recipe. Did not enjoy it at all. But, went through it like a champ.

I sealed them in aluminum paper and threw them into the charcoal grill for 30 minutes. They turned out beautiful and juicy. Steamed to perfection in their own juices and fat.

Another banger. Everyone loved them.

Wives were telling me that I’m ready to be wed. Husbands were telling me they underestimated me.

Then coffee for everyone. 3 mocha pots, different coffee beans and brewing time to provide a wide array of flavor. I was on a roll.

Didn’t stay til late ’cause everybody was drinking single malt, and I was about 40 minutes out (was so responsible it still hurts). Only had one 2-oz pour.

All in all, killed it. A day to be celebrated.

But the problem is that now I’m beat and basically lost my night. Too tired to do anything. Too stuffed to keep on eating. Might as well call it a day and go to sleep early ON A SATURDAY.


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