Plan, execute, and don’t forget to add some luck

One of the best advices I can give you is always be prepared. I’ll elaborate… Always be prepared to do SOMETHING that might change your life. Opportunities come and go all the time. Some of them you miss and have to wait until it passes by again (if you’re lucky).

Gonna give you a freebie, feeling charitable. Here’s another advice: Know what you want. And when you have it within arm’s reach, GRAB IT!

Now, combine both of them:
Know what you want, and always be prepared to grab what you want.

Not getting into the whole “attraction” and “manifesting” concepts (really not getting into that.)

I know what I want, strive to be ready for when the time comes, and when it’s time: I go get it.

Preparedness–> Planification—> Execution

Careful with the hustle, grind and exploit yourself mentality. Always look out for number one first. Then produce and get results.

Set a goal and go get it. Don’t miss out when it’s on the same lane. Set the move, accelerate and overtake.

Always remember:
There is such a thing a ‘make your own luck’. It boils down to work on it and it will eventually get close enough for you to do something about it.

Where did this motivation came from? Why the sudden change from “Hate working, this life, this cycle never ends, another day, more problems, etc.” (LMAO, I know that’s how I sound 75% of the time). But that other 25%, damn… Feels like a lighting bolt, a million hertz frequency, unstoppable.

Well, today I made half a checkmark on an item in my bucket list. Also! I had an idea that will likely turn into my next big writing project. More details coming soon. All I can say right now, is that it feels fucking good.

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