Lots to do, but nothing getting done

One of those nights where the nothingness reigns. Zero motivation to get ready, get things done, do the evening routine. Literally using static web randomizer to land on any of the 1.88 billion sites currently available in the Internet. 

See it, stay 3 or 4 second, then click randomize. Land on another, rinse and repeat. Time flies by. Sometimes it’s fun and you see a lot of random shit. But about 90% of it are basically inactive outdated websites stuck in the 90’s. 

It’s either doing that for a while in search for some inspiration or visiting random forums, and the latter could get very risky if I arrive at weird fan fiction and conspiracy threads. Not even gonna talk about opening the VPN and exploring below the surface. THAT’S the real dangerous one. It can’t even be called ‘tumbling down the rabbit hole.’ It’s more like ‘being sucked into the black hole the leads into the dark abyss’. Don’t bother, stay healthy and sane in the surface 😉

That being said, I just found a Celebrities Read Mean Tweets compilation and I’m crying my ass off. Some of those users should be comedy writers. They’re brutal and hit such small precise targets. So good when they burst out laughing. Makes them seem way more down to earth than they actually are.

“Melissa McCarthy is the Medea of white people.”
“Russell Crowe is delightfully paradoxical in that he is a huge dick with a small penis” —> personal favorite right here.
“Lil Wayne is what happens when you pour Four Loko on a Gremlin”.
“Drake looks like Voldemort with hair.”
“Jordana Brewster is the next Meryl Streep. If Meryl Streep was the worst actress in the world.”


2 responses to “Lots to do, but nothing getting done”

  1. I totally get this. I fall down even the most randomest of rabbit holes. Like I’d think I need a kitchen knife, then I end up researching sharpening stones and blade angles. Gah. Here’s to getting over this impulse.

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  2. Man, I did the knife rabbit hole in October-November. Wanted real good ones and was gonna splurge on Black Friday, hoping to find a good deal on a pro-set. Spent weeks reading which ones to buy. The day came, and settled for Damascus steel knives. HIGHLY recommended. Thanks for reading!!


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