Staying liquid? Cash flow? What are you talking about?!

It finally happened, the market broke. It took huge crash in a single day after months of tumbling down steadily. Some companies have actually reported profits and lower losses, but their stocks keep plummeting.

Shit! It was bad, now it’s gotten even worse. I’m never the optimist, but really thought that May would start with a couple of rallies to gain back some profits and shorten the distance to being green again. Boy was I wrong. It literally went the other way, down and red.

A breather would be nice. At least I’m not losing my mind and appetite seeing all the bleeding week after week after week. I’ve developed at stronger stomach over the years. It’s also nice not grabbing the single malt bottle in a middle of Tuesday afternoon to deal with this massive fuck of a financial situation.

I’m getting to the point where cash is inexistent. Of course, emergency fund never gets touched. But between my future trips, bday gifts, recent move into a new apartment and everything else, it’s even harder to maintain stability.

Ok, yea, you’re right. “Stop dumping money into the market”. Well, not that easy. You gotta average down, improve your positions to change your portfolio strategy. I was a going more a medium-long position, and now, after all this clusterfuck, I’m going for a long-long-LMAO position.

Whatever. Looks like the next step is simply turning off the notifications on my broker apps, and just let the good times rolls. I’ll go back to the darkness of the metaphorical cave, or easier put: “What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”


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