Birthday weekend, done!

So, after a very action packed and activity filled birthday weekend, I’m back; and if feels good to have created new memories of enjoyment with a very special person.

Here’s a quick re-cap, I:

  • Ate like an animal
  • Drank like a gentleman
  • Drove hundreds of miles like a veteran pilot
  • Had 3am pizza in a suite and passed out after the last bite like boss
  • Attended a ballgame with seats like a season-pass holder

Aaaaand! Fulfilled one of my bucket list items: Eating a whole big pie straight from the mold. No need for cutting slices, give me a fork and let’s go.

Now comes the good part, sleeping in your own bed and waking up to start the daily grind. At least one returns refreshed and with energies renewed after that kind of break.

In a couple of days, another weekend trip. This one is two whole days longer.

Let the May birthday month celebration continue!


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