Slowly, but surely, losing my ‘summer body’

No, I won’t complain again about the market and my financial decisions. Whatever. Only one more sentence: Today was the single worst day of my market trading day, even worst than the start of the pandemic; and my portfolio is being massacred. That is all. Let’s continue.

Ate at Taco Bell today. Got a happy birthday email from them. Free nacho fries bs and a mountain dew baja blast mo’fo. Might as well, fuck it. Not in the mood to cook, and all my good stuff is in the freezer. $5 + tax, ate a “full meal”. Like 2,000 calories, in a single sitting. PLUS! Add all the after-hours pizza, drinking, and whole birthday pie during the weekend.

Most definitely gained 2-3 pounds. Same ones I lost training 2 weeks before the trip. Balanced. Now I’ll gain 2-3 more during the next weekend trip. Meaning that I have a decision to make soon. Either I’ll commit to being a lazy piece of shit and just eat and drink during my whole birthday month. Just give in to enjoying life. OR I get to work during those last two weeks and TRY to make amends for having so much fun. Time will tell. All I know is that I’m not willing to face my new pants not closing around my waist. Nope, never again.

Tomorrow is another day, and even though I still have some happy energies from the past weekend, and hype up for the next weekend energies, I do not know what will happen around noon once I’m getting back home hungry and seeing all those places open with lunch deals.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get another email giving me free food, and I’ll just double down on junk food. Whatever happens, there are two sure things that are not changing:

  1. May is full of things to do and decisions to make.
  2. I have to stop spending money, period.

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