About halfway there

3 and a half hours of driving, done! Easy peasy, even though it started after a 12-hour work day, which gets even harder when it’s 85F and you’re doing tons of stuff outside. The sun really drains you. Must have drank like 4 bottles of electrolyte water, my body just kept chugging it. Dehydration is real. Lots of liquids are essential to keep going.

Oh, I even cooked chicken tinga (here you go, I hyperlinked it, just click on it). Finished working, had a nice cold shower, special time and then 4 tacos. Forgot about this thing that goes “if you pack a lot of shit, you gotta put it in the car, then take it out.” That’s a lot of fucking effort.

Whatever, it’s a 5 day trip. I have to bring enough clothing and stuff to have options for all the events. It’s gonna get busy.

Anyways, I’m signing out early. Staying at an apartment and have a long-ass day tomorrow. Starting with cooking breakfast for a couple of people. Of course, I brought all my ingredients (left my Damascus knife though, I’m missing in right now, but I know he’s alright).


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