Late Friday-night munchies

My freezer is filled with food, but there’s nothing to eat, just pounds of frozen meat and vegan protein.

My fridge is filled with food, but there’s nothing to eat, just cheeses, apples and coconut water.

My pantry is fill with food, but there’s nothing to eat, just boxes of protein bars, multigrain cereals and organic chips.

What the fuck do I really want to eat?

Only delicious items with high-fat content, little nutrition value, and a buttload of calories.

I guess I can eat some grapes or apples. But is that really food?
There’s no way I have time to thaw a steak and grill it rare.
Maybe some cheese and chips. But is that really food?

I’m a minute away from getting in my car and just hitting the late-night greek spot. Get me some falafels, baba ghanoush and baklava. Or a doner kebab with everything that could fit inside. Now that’s real fucking food. Goddamn! Not even gonna mention pizza or some street carnitas taco, those are my ultimate faves for any ocassion.

That’s exactly what I want. I solved two of my biggest problems then: What is ‘food’ and which ‘food’ would I like to eat. All that’s left is the putting some clothes on (it’s summer, I just wear a dry-fit t-shirt and some trunks), getting in the car, drive like 10-15 minutes, and then, since it’s Friday, I’m at the mercy of how many drunk people will be in line waiting, plus normal-working people that just crave Mediterranean dishes for a midnight snack.

I think I’ll just make myself a sandwich.
Fuck me, no bread. I’m said I was gonna quit bread every day, unless it’s on a Reuben Sandwich. I will never mess with a good Reuben Sandwich.

Life shouldn’t be this hard.


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