Forecast for the weekend: nothing

“Nothing” I’m even smiling as I think and type.

It’s my favorite time of the week again. Two whole days of resting, zero work (almost), no wake-up alarm, special breakfast in the morning, special dinner in the evening, and alcohol is allowed.

I’ve done enough all through May, and the next two weeks of June will have a full agenda. Better enjoy this slow boring days while they’re available.

The weekend cometh.

The ONLY thing I have to do is show myself in a social event at one of the places I hate the most here. One of those ‘fun for adults’ places that has 4 bars (all serving mediocre drinks) and an overpriced food court. Woe is me. But, it I don’t go, then I’ll look like an asshole. Literally a lose lose scenario, MY FAVORITES! [will expand more tomorrow night].

Apart from that, nothing else in on the table.

Maybe a few hours playing videogames?
Maybe I’ll start a new series?
Maybe I’ll get motivated and run a 5k before dinner?

Who knows! All I know is that nothing is on the agenda, and I’ll do whatever I want. It’s the best type of day.

Umm, wait. I do have to do something else. Set an insulated plastic curtain, but that shouldn’t take me more than 5-10 minutes, and the results benefits future me. Can’t complain.

Don’t want to start celebrating so early, ’cause the social event could fuck up my evening. But at least I’ll go to sleep thinking of pancakes and sausages with coffee. No one can take from me that dream coming true in the morning.


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