Second Wind Tuesday

Food and alcohol may get you sick, may make you fatter, may leave you in financial ruin, but they do bring you happiness when they work together in harmony –> Guaranteed.

Single malt and tapas: that’s truly the way to go.

Took a full day off only for myself, and everything turned around:
> Got new clients
> Did my financial planning for the summer
> Better mood in general

It’s truly incredible when you look at it in hindsight. Everything gets aligned and things start working out.

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed:
– Stop
– Relax
– And this is gonna sound so clichéd, but it’s the fucking truth–> Flow

I can assure you that once you remove yourself from the situation, you’ll start feeling better. And THEN you can tackle the problem with renovated energies.

Today’s lesson is:
Don’t force it, do whatever makes you happy, feel good.


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