Running as a way to live

Running has got to be one of my top favorite activities of all time. Even it ultimately ends up with me getting slightly injured and having to stop for a couple of months at a time till I get back to it again.

Long story short, lots of physical activity during college years, a couple of injuries and ample buffoonery resulting in wearing and tearing my body until knee problems became a permanent part of my life.

It’s not like I can’t run at all, but I have to condition myself for a couple of weeks first. And always pay attention to my body weight, avoiding packing some extra pounds that ultimately make me heavier and puts more strain on my knees.

I remember when I was running a 5k two to three times a week, for months at a time. Had my dog running off leash with me through a couple of neighborhoods. It was great. 5 years ago I did 2 half-marathons in the same month. Knees were swollen and iced accordingly for at least 5 days straight.

There isn’t anything like it, maybe swimming. You get into the zone. The only thing that matters is listening to your breathing, maintaining a rhythm, pushing though exhaustion while moving your body and feeling the breeze in your face. A zen state of mind within you, but in the real world with actual surroundings and distractions around you.

All that matters is making better time. You put on your sneakers, walk running shorts, walk outside, stretch, take a big breath, press the start stopwatch button on your watch, and take the first step.

I barely started and already fell in love with it. Don’t know if I’ll keep going ’cause my life is gonna get fairly complicated these next couple of weeks when I start again dealing with all my clients full time.

And even if doesn’t last that much time, it gave me what I wanted. No, I’ll rephrase. It gave me what I needed to push forward and tackle life once again at full force.


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