If he dies, he dies

Everything is going to shit, fast.

This heat wave already fucked up one of my electrical outlets, and my room AC unit. It’s currently almost 90F in the middle of the night. Some people STILL don’t have any power in their house, can’t even imagine what that’s like right now. If it got scorching hot in my apt on a second floor with ceiling fans and windows, it’s definitely worse on most areas, especially inner city first floor units.

My life savings still on the loop and possible being lost on the bankruptcy settlement of the financial institution managing them (or better yet, gambling with them).

My money is in the hands of some board of directors and lawyers, and we all know that’s not gonna end well.

My living situation is in the hands of a landlord that could decide on being a piece of shit and take his sweet ass time resolving the issue,

There is ONE good thing happening, I’m going to Montreal for 5 days (spending like $450 in gas roundtrip, but hey, fuck it.) Trip was planned before all this bullshit, can’t exactly change it just because gas is over $5 the gallon.

Lord, please send more punishments my way, if I truly deserve them.


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