Feels like 110F degrees

Today temperatures were between 90F to 98F for a good 6-7 hours, with the “feels like” displaying a WHOPPING 100F-110F because of the humidity.

Yes, it was scorching. You went outside and immediately felt this heaviness wearing down on you. You would break a sweat in a matter of seconds just by moving a couple of steps, even if under the shade, there was no escaping the actual heat.

Fun right? It gets better!

Massive power outages around the central city area. I’ve read that up to 112k homes lost power throughout the day starting at 2pm. I don’t even know if it was restored by the time I wrote this. Right now, the exterior thermometer reads 90F (mind you, it’s 11pm). It will maybe drop 10 degrees during the late night, meaning that if you don’t have power there’s no way you can get a good night sleep. Even with a battery powered fan, it would just blow hot air.

I’ve been through this before NUMEROUS TIMES. It was one of the reasons I left home: Not having electrical stability is horrible. You coud be planning a hot date, a big event, or simple planning to stay at home chilling, and all of the sudden… Power goes out. Maybe it’ll come back in an hour or two (if you’re lucky), but you’ll probably have to go to sleep, and even wake up without power, then go about your day working, studying, taking care of your kids… Nah, that’s the definition of nightmare scenario, especially with this heat.

Just found out. They’re expecting the blackout to last 24-36 hours until it all gets resolved. It’s gonna be a bad one.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I THINK my apt still has power, so, dodged a bullet, TODAY. But of course, there is always room for failure. Tomorrow is gonna be even hotter.

Whatever happens, will happen.

Time for the good ol’ fashioned: Wait and see approach.


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