Back to the grind, yet again

5-day weekend, OVER! It was good while it lasted. Made history, overcame my obstacles.

Drove 1,800 miles, had to deal with a fairly complicated apt rental scam (will detail this soon, once I settle back and have more time), went to an international Formula 1 GP with great seats, and had a blast with a good friend of mine. Aside from that HUGE time-consuming and extremely frustrating situation, the whole trip was a total success.

Oh, and I ate SO MUCH, it was ridiculous. Definitely packed a few pounds in a couple of days. My summer body keeps getting farther and farther away until fall and winter comes, and suddenly I’m fit and cut again (when no one notices it under 3 layers of clothing).

Such is life.

The goal is to fall in line again into my optimized schedule, while juggling new and old clients, start eating much healthier and try to avoid unnecessary expenses. I got two more trips coming in the next two months. Gotta give my credits a little breather.


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