Full steam ahead, it’s officially summer

You know when you come back home from a trip, and have to get settled in again, familiarize with your space again in order to feel comfortable again? Well, today was that day.

In my case, it was even tougher ’cause I’ve been visiting and staying at other clients’ houses basically all month. It feels like I haven’t lived in my apartment for so long.

My weekend bag is still in the living room (finally emptied out, just to have to pack my things again and leave for another week). And now my travel bag too, still filled with clean clothes from the Quebec trip. Ummm, I’ll deal with that later, on another day.

Organized my electronic devices and cables, cleaned my room and the kitchen, sorted out stuff in two closets, worked, went grocery shopping, dealt with 98F temperatures, and filed a formal complaint against booking.com (I’ll copy-paste it here soon enough, once they respond and the process officially starts.) Even if it doesn’t end up in my favor (which, it already did ’cause I got refunded, but now I want MORE; I still filed the report, and they know what’s up).

Tomorrow I leave for almost a whole week.

Hopefully time passes fast, and I’ll return to my apt once again for a much-needed break. But, you have to strike once the iron is hot. And right now it’s burning red. Gotta take advantage of the heat (literally).


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