Enjoying the fat cows

Well, fully booked June has basically ended. Now comes fully booked July. Eight consecutive weeks of extra clients feels fucking great. Also, don’t even know if the whole “cow phrase” translated ok.

It means that when times are good, there’s food on the table and cows eat more than their fair share, getting fatter and eventually giving you more beef. When times are bad, not a lot of food available, humans have to eat to keep working, and cows get skinny. That’s that. Let’s continue.

Lots of work, lots of responsibilities = less resting. less time to meal prep, cook and eat healthy. This could pose a problem, but the plan is to go with about 90% plant-based protein intake. Hopefully, I won’t cave into the cravings (and the laziness). Crossing fingers right now. Today I spent over $100 on hydration and electrolytes products, all I need to stay active and hydrated during daily +85F-degree temperatures. At least I got that part covered.

The objective is to continue filling every week with more potential clients till the summer ends. Maybe have a week off every month, you know, to stay human. Then comes fall, yay! Nice weather, finally! And winter, which sucks but (between you and me), kinda looking forward to 2-3 months of wearing jackets and cursing at the wind. We’ll circle back to that one in January, LMAO.

For the moment, fat cows, cash flow, markets crashing and RECESSION. Bring on July!


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