Might as well keep ‘investing’ and survive the imminent economic winter

“When will you learn, that your actions have consequences. You frickin fricks. Your fantasies can’t ever be quenched”.

I know the markets are still crashing; stocks, crypto, ETF, everything will keep plummeting. We’re already in the beginning of the recession, and the FED is just avoiding having to finally admit.

Been in the red since April. It hasn’t been good, and I’ve kept averaging down like a total fucking asshole instead of admitting defeat, and waiting it out.

I actually tortured myself, and did the math. If I hadn’t spent any money in March-April-May, and decided to start buying this past week, maybe week in a half, I would’ve had almost double the amount of capital, while having spent basically the same amount of money. So yea, fuck me.

It’s gonna be a LONG rest of 2022, and start of 2023. Not looking forward to the financials and economic future of this country.

Should be hoarding cash, preparing for the killer crash that will officially be the bottom.

Should be paying down debt, and positioning myself for the next bull market.

Should be missing out on events and travel, to save some money.

But no, here I am…

Thinking I could catch the falling knife (again), booking monthly trips and going to racing events.


“Get money, spend money, no money”


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