Easy comes, easy goes

Found myself a little extra money these past few weeks, between some spare change in the lottery, a few over the top tips and a personal favor that paid more than what I expected. Mazel tov! Right?

What am I to do with this extra cash? Should I reinvest in the bottomed out market? Should I deposit it in my saving account? Book ANOTHER trip out of the country? Treat myself to yet ANOTHER personal gift?

No, none of those.

>The car needed 2 new tires, and all four were on sale—> Purchased

>Bedroom AC broke down, and the landlord is a piece of shit, telling me I don’t know how to put it on the cold setting, and I was tinkering with it —> Purchased a new one, outta pocket. Fuck that noise.

>Summer temperatures reaching 90F almost everyday, and I’m spending a LOT of time outside—> Purchased lots of hydration products to stay refreshed.

Money gone in its entirety. I can always rejoice by the fact that I didn’t actually pay for any of that shit with my credit cards (extra funds just appeared in the past week and a half). Would’ve loved to be able to hold on to that cash for while more, at least 24 hours without having to spend it.

Fuck it. Once you start living life, everything else is either an expense or an investing.

95% of your life is getting that bread (or spending it). Try to be happy for the most amount of time possible.


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