“You have to make time”

There are so many books on my reading list, most of them literature classics and geopolitical theory and history. I HAVE to MAKE time. Just thinking about this exhausts me.

I would love for there to be an exception to the rules of physics of time. If you’re spending your time reading, time goes 40% slower while engaging in said activity.

The truth is that I’m basically reading all the time every day. Between work stuff (marketing and advertising), personal stuff (group chats and texts) and social media (especially long ass threads with spicy takes, data and information) there’s little to no time left to actually sit down and read a book. I’m either too tired or unmotivated to do so.

Another thing is that I can’t read during the daytime. Not because of my work and responsibilities, but because of the general evening atmosphere, and silence. I concentrate better, simple as that.

I’m gonna take this as W, confirming I’m on the right path. A couple of days ago, I wanted to start writing a new book. Now I’m jonesing for a new Amazon book list.

It’s all coming together. It’s all a matter of time. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to fit it again into my normal schedule.


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