Facing the new week headstrong

It’s finally here, Monday, the start of the week. And I can already assure you it’s gonna be a complete clusterfuck. I’m preparing for the worst, and then some. When important things are outta my control, I’ll always expect an absolute disaster.

If you add social media and public outrage to the mix, it’s bound for catastrophe. Really not looking forward to what awaits, and the possible curveballs being thrown.

As always, high morals and the truth lead the way. It’s the only correct path, even if it’s filled with pain-ridden obstacles to overcome.

I have to count my blessings. Keep trucking forward. I’ve been fully booked till mid-August, got two more trips already planned, and a healthy daily routine ongoing.

Of course, I’m never 100% optimistic and regularly anticipate things will go south because plans change.


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