No more procrastination, I declare!

I found a solid activity that allows me to enjoy most of my idle time between work, clients, exercise, study and personal life time. THE only drawback is that it absorbed my series, videogame and social media time. Maybe this last 3-6 weeks, or at least until I finish all of my client’s bookings til mid-August.

It feels right, I’m motivated and there’s some kind of balance again in my life. I think that all is need is some kind of main goal to center myself and work my daily schedule around it. Similar to writing a book, taking a class or whatever else you can think of for an allotted period of weeks.

It’s something that I prioritize, make time for it, and has a reachable finish line. That last one is the fundamental one. I can finish it, I can reap the rewards. It’s a journey that eventually will end with me obtaining what I set out to do.

Realizing your goals? Instant dopamine.

So yea, that’s the plan. Been at it for 2 days now, I started yesterday on Sunday, and going strong into the third. Looks like everything will work out if I keep a steady course.

I’ll finally be able to see everything that I missed and catch up with the current episodes of One Piece. I’m so excited!


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