Concept: Full Movie Sunday

Today I decided to break from the depressive routine most humans define as ‘current reality’, living in chaos with the actions of other hurting you directly and causing adverse consequences.

So, I indulged in a past tradition from my film studying days: Full Movie Sunday. Haven’t had one in months! Maybe even a whole year.

The principle is simple, and the name reveals the central idea of it:

It’s a Sunday where you watch movies (2-3 to make it count). You drink some champagne or wine. You allow yourself a cheat meal and a few bags of popcorn.

Now, we’re having fun, aren’t we?

Usually, I would pick films from the same director or era. You know, to make it count as study-time. Start around noon, take breaks, cook, exercise, etc… Finish before midnight. It works.

Then you wake up on Monday feeling rested and with your creativeness fully charged.

It was a nice day. They do happen once in a while. Might as well enjoy them.


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