Saturday post – late – lifelong friends (in the making)

As you already know from my past post, one of my best friends from college surprised with a visit (gave me a 4-day notice, it worked out perfectly). He lives in Miami, so, it was a pretty big deal.

But yea, had to make a lot of changes to accommodate him, like moving around some client appointments, failing my diet for a whole weekend and of course, missing my once-a-day writing streak (this one was the one that hurt the most, but my priorities are set).

Mediterranean food, drinks, talks, going out, drinks, live music, steaks, more drinks, desserts… Rinse and repeat.

The weekend flew by, and it was full of stuff to do. Can’t really complain, had a great time even though I got no sleep at all, and was basically running on electrolyte and hydration packs to survive the throughout the day.

The life lesson:

Make time for the people that make an effort to be in your life. Those are the only ones that ultimately matter and will be there when the shit hits the fan. Then the moment comes, and you look back on life:
“Damn, I met this person 10-20 years ago, and we’re still going strong through thick and thin.”

THAT’S true love.


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