Friday post – late – About a friend

One of my best friends from college and post-college life gave me a surprise visit today. He basically gave me a 24 hour notice saying that he was going to be near me for a couple of days, and was willing to travel a couple of hours to meet up.

Fucking of course, let’s go. Book it, Vince.

I cleared my calendar as much as I could possibly could to fit him in my weekend. Work was cheesed, clients were canceled or delayed. No question about it, my priorities are straight. Family comes first, always, especially if going out of their way to travel all the way to the Midwest.

What to do here?

Well, show him around, drink, eat and catch-up.

Will give you more updates on the next post.

**Daily post was also put on hold. Will continue to keep my ‘one post per day promise’, even though they may be posted later only for this weekend. It’s a celebration, and these rarely exist during hard times.**


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