“People talk a lot of shit” is an indisputable maxim

I’ve been listening to this my whole life, I read it all the fucking time. You know what? I finally accept it as an unquestionable truth in our day-to-day, ESPECIALLY during this social media era.

You must be saying: So what? This is no surprise. What’s the big deal.

Well, once you’re weathering down a shit storm (that, mind you, has nothing to do with you besides knowing to some degree a person involved in a social media scandal) you start seeing the world in a new light.

Can’t really talk a lot about it and give you details, but it’s something like this: Imagine a person you know, and you have even shared a beer or two over the years, does something kinda bad, like sending unwanted texts to some people (nothing sexual, nor criminal). Now, let’s say that person is well-known in some circles, has a few enemies, and an accusation was published online.

Ok, cool… A person accuses another person of alleged wrongdoing via text. Should be pretty straight forward. Let’s produce the texts, timeframes, language, everything related to the matter. If someone did something wrong, that person should own up to it and be punished. Simple.

Oh, now you’re telling me there’s nothing? Not a single screenshot? That there was even a private investigation into the matter, and nothing was found? Then, what really happened?

We’ll never know now because everyone is chatting online about conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and checking past social media interactions, like who are his mutual friends, where does he frequent, with whom does he share a few beers and has seen a few football games with?

This is where I come in. People started talking all kinds of shit about his networks, his friends, even the pages and groups he follows; going back years past looking for old pictures, anything to create a fake story. There was literally nothing. But the narrative is that “this guy had help from his friends (some of them he hasn’t even seen years ago and are not even living in the same country, but yea) and they’re covering, not only the alleged event with person “A”, but now they’re responsible for tons of other BS that doesn’t even exist, and people keep spreading it like it was the truth or rumors; unfounded lies, laughable, but still very dangerous to keep repeating without absolutely any evidence, not even circumstantial one.

So, yeah. People talk a lot of shit.

And if you’re actually accusing another person of wrongdoing, show me the receipts. Give me facts. Produce some kind of evidence. Hell, just quote some truth, I’ll even accept hearsay. Otherwise, I won’t believe you. Won’t try to disprove you, nor hurt you. I’ll just ignore you and keep on going with my life.

Stop playing fucking games online with the lives of actual people. Someone can get screwed while you’re ‘just trolling’.


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