Top Gun: Maverick

Go see Top Gun: Maverick. Have a good time and enjoy a top tier action film. That’s an order.

For reals, it’s the definition of maximum entertainment blockbuster.

So what if it’s the ultimate US military propaganda of the 21st century? I get it, and if you feel that strongly about this, don’t watch it.

However… If you like action, actual fighter jets flying and maneuvering, or simply put, underestimating Tom Cruise, and being wowed once again by what his character and even his predictable acting can do, then look no further. The movie is probably the most enjoyable 2 hours you’re gonna have in recent times.

And here’s a HOT TAKE, ready??

It’s better than the original. Not even close, by a long mile.

There’s actual character development, motivation, arcs, and closure. Yea, you still get some clichéd scenes (basically the same ones from the original) but they didn’t lean on them as hard because it felt more natural, you know, like how real people would behave in that micro cosmos called the Top Gun program.

I can keep going, and give you more reasons for you to see it, because first I’m an aesthete, then I’m a top gun fanboy. But it boils down to this:

– Beautifully shot (google the technical production aspect)
– Spectacular dogfighting scenes
– Original Top Gun member-berries nostalgia, but done right
– Jennifer Connelly SLAYING at 50 years old
– Tom Cruise actually acting and giving you emotions to feel. Believe me, you’ll believe him.



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