Social bar depleted

It’s done, no more engaging people for a while: My social energies have been drained.

It amazes me how some human beings are in constant interaction with others every single day. Hell, they even like it or can’t live without it.

I don’t know how it works, but I guess everyone is different in some sort of way. Maybe it has something to do with how our brain works.

Me? Just give me high speed internet, AC and a place where I can write and cook, that’s all I need to be happy. People come after my peace of mind and 8 hours of non-interrupted sleep.

My inner circle has access to me about 95% of the time. That’s only a handful of carefully selected people allowed in my life at any moment, and they have gained that privilege because they know me enough to not take advantage of it or squander it.

I’ll take “hermit” or “recluse” any day of the week, just don’t call me misanthrope. I don’t hate humanity, nor want people to suffer (only evil, selfish and inconsiderate ones). Quite the opposite, I want them happy and enjoying life as much as possible. But I want them away from me, or at least with limited access and conflicts related to my person.

See? Everyone is happy. Win-win.


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